Personalised novelty gifts by talented artists

Something unique for someone unique.

About Art of Giving

What kind of giver are you? The good-old-fashioned (but boring) type who sticks to chocolate, socks, and scented soaps? Or are you of the practical sort, whose acquaintances can expect a screwdriver or kitchen knife in their gift parcel? Maybe you can’t resist pretty things and will eagerly gift an embroidered cushion or cute ceramic animal (beautifully wrapped, of course).

Whatever your default present-purchasing persona, at Art of Giving we will help you to up your gift-giving game. Through a personalised song, sketch, garment, or stationery set, our artists can transform you into a different category of the giver – the gifted one.

Come on, present that perfect present – spoil your loved ones (or yourself) with a personally crafted piece of art!
There is no time like the present.

The present-picking process

Browse through our range of novelty gift options. If you are interested, contact the relevant artist through our contact form. They are eager to customise a gift especially for you! Then, enjoy the appreciation you will receive for giving something unique to someone unique.

The artists are located in Durbanville, Cape Town, so free pickup can be arranged. All prices exclude courier cost.


Anneke Grabe

 Anneke Gräbe

Personalised Stationery
Eugene le Roux

Eugene Le Roux

Personalised Sketches

Jannie Venter

Personalised Songs
Luzanne Barlow

Luzanne Barlow

Personalised Attire