From dreamy landscapes to bold abstracts, my art is a mixture of deep revelations and joyful expressions from the inspiration I find around me.


About the artist

Hello! I'm Louise le Grange, a Cape Town-based artist originally from Johannesburg. Since 2013, I've been exploring the world of art, creating vibrant pieces that range from serene landscapes to dynamic abstracts.

My passion for creativity is deeply rooted in the inspiration I drew as a child, from my grandmother, and later in my life, from my high-school art teacher, Mrs. Mariana Dippenaar, a briliant artist and creator herself.

In 2019, I've started drawing families, I've been blessed to create sweet, colourful cartoon portrait illustrations for over 200 families, from Cape Town to Johannesburg & I've sent some off to the USA and New Zealand. However, I felt a growing need to break free from this style and express my love for color and creativity in new ways. This led me to explore abstract art, capturing emotions and thoughts that transcend traditional forms.

In addition to my artistic endeavours, I work as a Graphic and Web Designer at Pathfind Media. This role allows me to blend my love for visual design with my technical skills, creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences.

My art is a continuous journey of discovering more ways to express, more ways to worship HIM, more ways to uplift other, and more ways to keep "the wonder" alive. By purchasing some of my work, you confirm the call! 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope my art resonates with you and brings a touch of color and joy to your world!

Work with me

Cartoon Portraits

Visit my Instagram profile to have a look at some of the colourful quirky cartoon portraits that I have created. This is a very sweet gift for your friends and family.

Mediums I work in:
- Watercolour on Papar
- Coffee on Paper
- Acrylic on Canvas

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Dramatic Landscapes

I love creating landscapes that has depth. Dramatic blue's and vivid reds, yellows that shines and gracious greens! 
Let me help you bring whimsical views to your walls.
Reach out and I will get back to you.

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Bursting Abstracts

My abstract art is filled with wonder. I enjoy spending time with Jesus, and mostly I end us with some inspiration to create beautiful artful creations, bursting with vibrant colours!
I love to play with different mediums and textures. Whatever I need to create the image I see, sometimes even use knives and forks :-D but, I'm always left in awe after an abstract painting! 

Do you want a custom one for your walls? let me know!

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